Stokes Academy

Our youth who reside on the Greeneville campus attend our new school, Stokes Academy.  Centered as the foundation of the school is a beautiful Chapel, with adjoining classrooms on each side.   This structure allows us to both introduce our children to Christ, while providing them vital tools needed to achieve their educational goals.  Stokes Academy was built for this purpose because we believe school and church should afford the same Christian worldview to give every young person a firm spiritual and scholastic foundation upon which to build their future.

Our on-campus state-licensed school, offers each student the opportunity to receive academic assessments and specialized assistance. The school serves children and youth who may have emotional or behavioral problems and/or academic deficits that prevent them from functioning successfully in a public school setting. A comprehensive assessment serves as the basis for the development of an individualized educational plan. In addition, counseling services are provided for the student. Class size is small and allows ample time for one-on-one instruction. Experiential activities are integrated into the academic schedule, and GED instruction is also available. Upon discharge from care, academic credits are transferred to the appropriate school in order to ensure no youth falls behind in academic placement.

Adjacent to Stokes Academy, is the Jackson Tolle building, which  houses administrative offices for Residential, Family Services and Therapists, as well as two conference rooms and a full-size gymnasium for our residents to enjoy basketball and a variety of other physical activities.

View of our New Chapel, foundation of Stokes Academy

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90 Stanley Lane
Greeneville, TN 37743
(423) 639-9449 (main office)
(423) 639-5083 (fax)

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I was there for 64 day starting from January 20, 2014 as a resident in DCS custody. I did not like it that much while I was there but after I got out I realized how much better it was than alot of group homes. It is a friendlier environment with great staff. We did have fun there, more than I realized while I was there. It was not that enjoyable while I was there because I was away from my home and family by force but now since I am out, I have truly realized what it has done for me and other people. It has gotten alot of teens boys to Christ by far while I was there. I really hope people will donate more stuff there because there was not much to do but it was not all that bad.

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