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Located in the heart of the East Tennessee mountains, Free Will Baptist Family Ministries has focused on "getting attached" to hurting children and families since 1939. Working alongside the Department of Children's Services, FWBFM Foster Care provides high-quality foster homes that seek to meet a child's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

How to get attached

According to recent statistics, a child enters foster care in the state of Tennessee every two minutes. Currently there are over 9,000 children in the foster care system; there are over 11,000 churches in the same state. We believe the greatest foster families currently sit in our pews with a heart to love like Jesus does and get attached for the sake of the Gospel. We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus; foster care is a great way to do just that.

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other ways to get attached

Not everyone is called to foster, but we believe everyone is called to help!


Offer time or services for foster parent events, holiday parties, training days.


Gift cards, meals, Christmas gifts, supplies, designated funds, tickets/events.


Invite FWBFM Foster Care to share with your church, business, or organization practical ways to help support children in foster care and the families who serve them.


For God to use FWBFM Foster Care to share the Gospel with hurting children in families and for souls to find salvation in Christ.

Interested in becoming a foster parent?

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Changing lives

Thank you for choosing to support Family Ministries with your gift.  If you desire to give to a specific need, please designate your contribution in the “Special Instructions for your Gift” section of PayPal.



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