Amys Story

January 15, 2024

Life is filled with decisions and today, we celebrate the life of Amy* and the decision she made to reside at Honeysuckle Studios. Pregnant and homeless, Amy often had to choose between being warm or not being hungry. There was not enough money for both. Her life experience has been one of layers of trauma, but today because of her one decision, she has found HOPE and is working towards her goal of living independently with her little boy, Matthew*.

On Thanksgiving Day, Amy shared she was "super thankful for being at Honeysuckle Studios because it has given me an opportunity to turn my life around. The support I receive to help with my baby, the food, shelter and heat".

Your decision to support women like Amy with prayer and finances has played a vital role in the life-affirming safety net of this ministry.

Amy is just one of the many women, babies and families you've helped support this year...but there are more Amys that need to be reached.

Here is a quick glimpse of the impact YOU have made in the lives of those we served this past year at the Hope Center and Honeysuckle Studios: 

3,600 - Individual Classes
1,318 - Boutique Visits
79 - Bible Study Sessions
67 - Men Attended Dad to Dad Session
95 - Parenting Classes
47 - Babies Born to Clients

Every single number represents a life and family SAVED and CHANGED  through the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

When the nearest abortion clinic is now a woman's mailbox, it is imperative that our marketing dollars are targeting and reaching the woman facing a pregnancy decision. In our modern world, many only pursue the quick fix. And for many that quick fix is an abortion. We need your help in reaching her first with a message of hope and ongoing support.

Walking Alongside Moms

This year, friends like you enabled us to purchase a new ultrasound machine that provides expectant moms the opportunity to meet her baby for the first time. For the abortion minded woman, this tool helps her see the truth about the life growing inside of her.

The touching testimonial below shows the lifesaving power of your decision to support:

Leah recently came to our office very angry and demanding, stating she needed to have an abortion. Our trained staff understood Leah's attitude and actions as a CRY FOR HELP.
Leah received a warm welcome and non-judgmental care.
Realizing she was in a safe place and she didn't have to be defensive, the walls she had built around herself began to crumble. As the ultrasound was being performed, the tears began to flow as she met her baby for the first time on the ultrasound screen. Leah's decision to abort has been changed. she is choosing life for her baby!

Thank you for your belief in the life-affirming mission of the Hope Center and Honeysuckle Studios. Click here to support the Hope Center and Sanctity of Life.