Foster Family Application

I. Family Information

Print all information. Please fill out each section in its entirety, accurate information is essential to the application process.

Telephone Number(s)

Date of Birth



US Citizen?

Driver License Number


Marital Status (include date)

Previous Marriage (Date, City, State)

Date Terminated (specify death, divorce, etc.)

Military Service (include branch, dates)

Last Grade Completed



Annual Income

Work Phone Number

Emergency Name and Phone Number

Children in the Home

Children Out of the Home

Others in the Home

II. Legal

Please answer the following questions concerning previous or current legal issues. If a question is answered as “yes” please provide information regarding the issue as well as formal documentation. No applicant may be approved who has a FELONY CONVICTION involving child abuse or neglect, spousal abuse, a crime against a child or children (including child pornography) or a crime involving violence including rape, sexual assault, or homicide, but not including other physical assault or battery. No applicant may be approved who has a FELONY CONVICTION in the past five (5) years involving physical assault, battery, or a drug/alcohol related offense.

Are you currently charged with, or have you even been convicted, placed on probation or received a suspended sentence for:

Any crime involving children?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

Any crime of violence against another person?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

Possession, sale, manufacturing or transportation of drugs?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

Any other crime?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

If yes, please explain

Have you had previous involvement with Child Protective Services?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

Have you had previous involvement with Adult Protective Services?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

Have you had previous involvement with Department of Children’s Services?

Applicant YesNo
Co-applicant YesNo

If yes, please describe in detail and give time and place.

If yes, please list date(s), agency, and amount of experience

Do you currently have a foster child in your home at this time? YesNo

Former Addresses

Please list your addresses for the past 10 years. Information MUST include dates lived at former addresses.

Work Experience

Please list work experience for each applicant.







V. Foster Parent Reference Information

Applicant Relative

Co-applicant Relative




VI. Monthly Family Income and Expenditures

Please complete this section in its entirety. Monthly income MUST cover monthly expenditures. All foster parents are required to have an income sufficient to meet the financial needs of the family.



Years in Current Position

Monthly Income/Pay

Additional Monthly Income

Total Individual Income

Financial Resources

Other Financial Resources

Monthly Expenditures




Installment Payments for:

Additional Expenses


Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

Do you own your own home? YesNo

What type of housing do you reside in? Single FamilyMulti FamilyApartmentCondo/TownhousePublic/Sec. 8 HousingMobile Home

Are there weapons in the home? (i.e.- guns, hunting knives, display knives, bows/arrows, etc.)

Do you have a pool, spa, or hot tub on the property? YesNo
If yes, are all county/city codes met? YesNo
Is there a locked fence surrounding the pool, spa, or hot tub? YesNo

Do you have pets? YesNo

If yes, please list them below:


Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability at this time. Free Will Baptist Family Ministries understands the gender/age of the child you hope to foster may change during the preparation process. As a foster parent you are encouraged to update this information as you continue to redefine the child you wish to parent.

Gender MaleFemaleEither

Sibling Group YesNo

Would you consider fostering a child from a racial, cultural, ethnic background other than yours? YesNo

Type of care you wish to provide (Please select all the may apply to your family): FosterAdoptKinshipRespite

IX. Signatures

By my signature below, I hereby certify that the information contained in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true and accurately represents my background and experience. I also verify that there is nothing in my background that would constitute a health and/or medical risk to children. I understand that failure to give complete information or falsification or misrepresentation of information may prohibit my family from working with Free Will Baptist Family Ministries and if discovered after licensing, will be grounds for revocation of my license as a foster parent.

Please enter the number in this image:

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It was here that that wounds of the past were healed and a love for adventure was instilled that released me from being place-bound. It set me on a path to a wider experience. Right here I developed a concern for other people and learned to accept love as well as give it. In this very place, a desire was born in me to pass on the message that had made my life glad....
Trula Cronk, first child to live at "The Children's Home" in 1939

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