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Free Will Baptist Family Ministries’ heritage and superb record in caring for hurting children began in 1939. It was first established as Free Will Baptist Home for Children, an orphanage opened with Mr. and Mrs. I.L. Stanley as Superintendents. It was a humble beginning, but the care for orphans and other hurting children soon became a permanent facet of FWB Family Ministries. Today, our programs have expanded to meet the needs of the entire family.

For over a decade, we have witnessed more than 100 young people each year give their hearts and lives to the Lord. God is truly working at Family Ministries!

It was here that the wounds of the past were healed and a love for adventure was instilled that released me from being place-bound. It set me on a path to a wider experience. Right here I developed a concern for other people and learned to accept love as well as give it. In this very place, a desire was born in me, to pass on the message that had made my life glad…

—Trula Gunter Cronk, the first child to live at “The Home” in 1939

Mrs. Cronk later became a pioneer FWB missionary to India, with her husband, Dan. She also wrote a book about her life, which included her time at FWB Home for Children.




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I was there for 64 day starting from January 20, 2014 as a resident in DCS custody. I did not like it that much while I was there but after I got out I realized how much better it was than alot of group homes. It is a friendlier environment with great staff. We did have fun there, more than I realized while I was there. It was not that enjoyable while I was there because I was away from my home and family by force but now since I am out, I have truly realized what it has done for me and other people. It has gotten alot of teens boys to Christ by far while I was there. I really hope people will donate more stuff there because there was not much to do but it was not all that bad.

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