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Maggie House Supporters Celebrating by Burning the Note!

Representatives of Family Ministries, and all the generous supporters who have worked so hard over the past three years to help make the Maggie House...

Representatives of Family Ministries, and all the generous supporters who have worked so hard over the past three years to help make the Maggie House in Arkansas a reality, gathered on Wednesday, February 7, to a “Burn the Note” Celebration. Located at 1005 Second Street in Charleston, this 32-bed long-term residential care facility serves abused and neglected children from toddlers to teenagers.
Frank Woods, Executive Director of Family Ministries, headquartered in Greeneville, TN, signed the note in early 2015 with the approval of our Board of Directors and Maggie House opened its doors to children on December 9, 2015. Rev. Woods was present at the event and, along with community leaders, helped burn the note on the front porch of the Maggie House. It took place immediately after a luncheon for supporters of the Maggie House being held in the Family Life Center at First Free Will Baptist Church in Charleston.
Named after the late Maggie Schaffer, Fred Schaffer’s mother and former administrator of Greenhurst Nursing Home, Maggie House is a 15,000 square foot facility divided into four separate cottages with separate entrances as well as a common area for staff support with a commercial kitchen and dining room. Trained house parents provide 24/7 care for up to nine (9) children with an emphasis on serving sibling groups. An administrator and case managers are onsite at the Maggie House and counselors, therapists, physicians, mentors, tutors, the school system, churches and community as a whole provide support needed to meet the needs of the children.
Frank Woods stated Pastor Jeff Holland of First Free Will Baptist in Charleston started all the conversation about the need for a residential home for abused and neglected children in Charleston after finding out the old Greenhurst Nursing Home might be an option. This was after learning about the need through “The Call“.” “Now it is nothing short of a miracle to see how the community of Charleston and other community leaders from Western Arkansas came together with Family Ministries to raise the almost 1.1 million dollars needed to pay for the renovation and furnishing of the Maggie House in less than three years. The abused and neglected children placed by DHS will benefit from this support for many years to come. ”
Bob Moody, Executive Administrator of our AR ministries, added “This was a capital campaign and in most cases the lead gift was usually about one third to two thirds of the amount needed before the fund drive was even announced. The Lord blessed this ministry through the Ambassadors and Centurions who helped lead a grass roots fund effort like no other I have ever seen. There was one large anonymous gift from an individual of just over $100,000, which was wonderful, but still less than 10% of the total needed. Riverside Furniture also helped tremendously with furniture. We also had a few gifts in the $1,000 to $25,000 range from individuals, corporations, community service organizations, and some small grants from foundations. However, most of the gifts were in the $25 to $100 range and many people have given multiple gifts in that range over the past three years. We even had people tossing change in buckets placed in retail stores and children giving profits from lemonade stands because they wanted to help other children.”
Ken Winningham, Church Relations Coordinator for Family Ministries, pointed out “Churches contributed approximately $350,000 to the Maggie House over the past three years. Much of this came from small Free Will Baptist Churches from both Arkansas and Oklahoma that we asked to help but we also had a numerous contributions from many other churches of various denominations. It has been such a blessing to be part of this.”
Bob Moody said Frank Hug, owner of Hug Chevrolet and an Ambassador for the Maggie House, played a key role in our fund raising efforts by providing leadership for the Arkansas Community Foundation “Day of Giving”. There was a total of $359,000 raised from participation on the Day of Giving in April of 2015, 2016 and 2017. Maggie House received recognition all three years from the Arkansas Community Foundation as the most successful of all the not-for-profit organizations participating in either the number of gifts received, the amount raised or both. Moody added “Frank Hug would be quick to point out and give credit to other community leaders called the “Dream Team” by Pastor Holland and the Ambassadors and Centurions who made the “Day of Giving” so successful. This is certainly the case, but there is no doubt we would not have been near as successful raising the funds needed for the Maggie House without his consistent volunteer leadership over the past three straight years.”
Due in large part to the awareness created by the Maggie House, an Arkansas non-profit corporation, received a major gift of 1.875 million dollars from a trust fund in Missouri to build the Curt, Cliff and Opal Young Children’s Home, in Fort Smith. This major gift provided most of the funds need to build the four homes, which opened on July 31, 2017 and are now serving up to 32-abused and neglected children.
Our Arkansas ministries also include Florence Crittenton Home, in Little Rock, these combined homes may serve up to 80 Arkansas children in need of a safe and secure environment due to abuse and neglect.

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I arrived at the Home in 1977. I never knew the love of a family or Christ before then. From the education, discipline, faith, and morals that the House Parents, other kids, Mr. Raper, and the Church taught me will forever guide me. My successes in life are all because of the Home and Christ. A truly remarkable place in my heart.
Phillip Parker, Sanford, NC

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