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In regards to the direction of the expansion of our Foster Care program, we are basically following in the direction that the state of Tennessee and...

In regards to the direction of the expansion of our Foster Care program, we are basically following in the direction that the state of Tennessee and the Department of Children’s Services has been focusing their efforts with the number of children coming into state’s custody.   Our goal is to devote more of our campus to serving Extended Foster Care children. This would include young men between the ages of 18-21, who have nowhere to return home to; no biological family nor foster home since they have aged out.

In recent news reports, we learn of the growing number of children coming into custody and the need to provide care for these children in foster homes. The state of TN is expecting almost 600 children to enter into custody, pushing the total to app. 8,600. I am convinced the time has come that we must refocus our energies by going in a different direction in caring for hurting youth. Our current residential program serves a youth for a period of 30-60 days on an average stay. This is such a tiny window of opportunity to build any significant structure into the lives of these young people. Family Ministries is confident that we can care for more children by expanding our current foster care services. In the restructure, we feel it will also be a better fit for our neighbors in this area, reassuring the residents of Camp Creek of their safety, and as a result, will allow us to be a vital part of our surrounding community.

We are also expanding in many areas of service. We recently opened the John M. Reed Center in Limestone, which features 63 skilled nursing beds and 12 assisted living apartments. We currently have Governor’s Bend assisted living facility in Erwin, the “Hands to Help” Personal Home Care; serving Greene, Carter, Unicoi & Johnson Counties, and a maternity home project in the fundraising phase that will provide home for mom and baby.

What began as an orphanage in 1939, though many, many changes have taken place over the past 78 years, our emphasis has always been in serving hurting children and families. From mothers-to-be to senior citizens, we are committed to taking our outreach to those in great need. We are extremely thankful for our many friends, not only in Greene County, but across Tennessee, who have partnered with us in their years of support.

Frank Woods, Executive Director

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I was there for 64 day starting from January 20, 2014 as a resident in DCS custody. I did not like it that much while I was there but after I got out I realized how much better it was than alot of group homes. It is a friendlier environment with great staff. We did have fun there, more than I realized while I was there. It was not that enjoyable while I was there because I was away from my home and family by force but now since I am out, I have truly realized what it has done for me and other people. It has gotten alot of teens boys to Christ by far while I was there. I really hope people will donate more stuff there because there was not much to do but it was not all that bad.

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