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Ribbon Cutting Held for the Young Children’s Home in Fort Smith, AR!

Our four new homes – adorned with the words “heart,” “soul,” ‘strength,” and “mind” – opened on Friday, July 28th, 2017, to house...

Our four new homes – adorned with the words “heart,” “soul,” ‘strength,” and “mind” – opened on Friday, July 28th, 2017, to house up to 32 children.

On that momentous day, we celebrated with the ribbon cutting of the Curt, Cliff & Opal Young Children’s Home, located at 8800 Young Home Drive, at Chaffee Crossing, in Fort Smith, AR, which began taking children on July 31st.

The four homes, each accommodating up to 8 children, were intentionally designed to look like a residential neighborhood, with free standing houses with backyards. Each house is approximately 2,750-square-feet with four bedrooms and two bathrooms for the children, a master bedroom and bathroom for the foster parents and an open-concept living area, kitchen and study.

Most of the Young Children’s Home was paid for with a $1.875 million gift from the Curt, Cliff & Opal Young Trust. The remaining funds came from donations through individuals, churches corporations, and other organizations.

The goal is to keep siblings together, and having four designated bedrooms in each house makes it easier to keep siblings under one roof. It is difficult to find a foster home that can take three or four kids, and we are delighted with the opportunity that God has placed in our hands to now serve children in this capacity.



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I was there for 64 day starting from January 20, 2014 as a resident in DCS custody. I did not like it that much while I was there but after I got out I realized how much better it was than alot of group homes. It is a friendlier environment with great staff. We did have fun there, more than I realized while I was there. It was not that enjoyable while I was there because I was away from my home and family by force but now since I am out, I have truly realized what it has done for me and other people. It has gotten alot of teens boys to Christ by far while I was there. I really hope people will donate more stuff there because there was not much to do but it was not all that bad.

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