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History In March of 2014, Fred Schaffer, during a casual conversation with Pastor Jeff Holland, offered to give the former Greenhurst Nursing Center...


In March of 2014, Fred Schaffer, during a casual conversation with Pastor Jeff Holland, offered to give the former Greenhurst Nursing Center (15,000 square feet) to the Free Will Baptist Church. Pastor Jeff accepted the offer and immediately contacted Family Ministries to ask them to consider taking the building and turning it into a Children’s Home. Upon reviewing the proposal, Family Ministries began making plans to renovate the structure and turn it into a children’s home.

The Maggie House was named in honor of Maggie Schaffer, Fred Schaffer’s mother and the original owner of the Greenhurst Nursing Home. Maggie was greatly respected for how much she cared about others and her commitment to service.

Since 1939, Family Ministries has been caring for at-risk children in Greeneville, TN. Family Ministries broadened its ministry into Arkansas in 2003 with the addition of Florence Crittenton Children’s Home, and most recently, with the future addition of the Maggie House in Charleston.

Did You Know?

At any given time in Arkansas there are approximately 3,800 to 4,000 children in state custody due to abuse, neglect and/or abandonment. As a result of the shortage of foster homes and residential homes more than 500 of the children from our area are being placed outside, not only their hometown or county, but the region in which they live. This makes a stressful situation even more traumatic as children find themselves in an unfamiliar environment with the knowledge that they are far away from home, family and friends.

How Can You Help?

Fund-raising efforts are well under way with the help of the Maggie House Ambassador’s Council, committed churches and individuals. You can participate in a variety of fundraisers or make a personal, memorial or corporate gift to help fulfill the vision for the Maggie House to serve the children of this area.  For more information how you can become involved, call us at 870.930.7768.




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I was there for 64 day starting from January 20, 2014 as a resident in DCS custody. I did not like it that much while I was there but after I got out I realized how much better it was than alot of group homes. It is a friendlier environment with great staff. We did have fun there, more than I realized while I was there. It was not that enjoyable while I was there because I was away from my home and family by force but now since I am out, I have truly realized what it has done for me and other people. It has gotten alot of teens boys to Christ by far while I was there. I really hope people will donate more stuff there because there was not much to do but it was not all that bad.

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